What is Swedish Massage?

Swedish Massage, as the name implies, originated in Sweden and is now by far the most well known, as well as sought after, massage therapy in the Western world. Swedish Massage, or as it is also often referred to as Relaxation Massage, Holistic Massage or Swedish Relaxation Massage, incorporates techniques including gentle stroking, gliding and circular rubbing motions (effleurage), kneading of the soft tissues (petrissage) and rapid repeat tapping or gentle pounding on the muscles (tapotement). Many of the deeper and more intensive forms of massage therapy Focused Therapy London provides are founded on Swedish Massage techniques.

What are the main objectives of Swedish Massage?

This massage treatment is designed to provide a lighter, less intense touch that promotes a sense of well being, relaxation, stress relief and boost of blood circulation rather than to work deeper in to the tissues and treat specific aches, pains or soft tissue restrictions or injury.

It additionally has a proven track record in providing the following benefits:

  • reduces levels of stress, anxiety and worry
  • improves mood, eases depression and promotes a feeling of emotional well-being due to endorphin release
  • improves sleep patterns including the recipient falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer
  • increases relaxation and a calming of the nervous system
  • helps to maintaining a healthy immune system
  • increases energy levels
  • improves blood circulation and increases nutrient supply to the muscles
  • increases flexibility and range of motion
  • improves posture

Additional Information in relation to Swedish Massage

Please be aware there are a numerous medical conditions that can be antagonised by a massage based treatment. These fall within three main categories based on which medical condition you are currently experiencing, or in some cases have experienced previously:

  • Total Contraindications which entirely preventing you receiving massage treatment in any area of your body for the good of your health
  • Special Circumstances where written or verbal Medical Consent and any guidelines for treatment are required before it is possible to receive a massage treatment
  • Local Contraindications which prevent you receiving massage in certain areas or in certain ways for the good of your health. Local Contraindications can also include medical conditions that must remain covered during your treatment to ensure no cross contamination or potential infection occurs
Should you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed medical condition it is always recommended that you check with your General Practitioner (GP) before scheduling an Appointment to ensure massage is suitable under your specific circumstances.

Please note: should you arrive for any massage based Appointment with any medical condition without already having checked that it is suitable for treatment the following will apply:

  • I may have to look up your medical condition during your Appointment to make sure that treating you is appropriate; and
  • I may be unable to provide you with a massage during your Appointment or restricted in my capacity to do so
Where you attend an Appointment and a massage based treatment is not possible due to any medical condition you may have, your Appointment will be treated as a Missed Appointment and no treatment will be able to be provided.
As Swedish Massage is a more generalised technique it is uncommon for me to utilise any other Incorporated Techniques during this kind of treatment unless you specifically request them, I consider them to be appropriate and we find we have the time to undertake any towards the end of your Appointment.