What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial Massage, also known as Therapeutic Massage, originated as an advanced form of Swedish Massage.  This is the therapy to go for if you are looking for a focused massage treatment that eases specific aches or pains, restrictions or dysfunction. These can occur due to your work arrangements, hobbies, stress, accident, injury, illness or disease. Remedial Massage can also release tight muscles that create nerve issues due to that tightness pressing on a nerve and causing heaviness, pin & needles, tingling, pain, numbness or lack of sensation over the length of the relevant nerve pathway.

In essence a large range of techniques used in Remedial Massage are identical to those used in Sports Massage. However, Sport Massage as a term is often confusing to people seeking treatment as it sounds only relevant to people who play sports or whose issues occurred through going to the gym. The terms Remedial Massage and Therapeutic Massage came in to being in some ways to try to address this confusion (not that I am sure it helped much!), so I personally use the terms Remedial Massage and/or Therapeutic Massage to describe a 'Sports Massage for the non sporty!'

All techniques undertaken and advice provided to you will be based on your specific situation however your issues have come about. So if you are non sporty or your issue is not related to sport or exercise feel free to book in for a Remedial Massage and know you are in the right hands. You can also rest assured that I have no plans to set you a rigorous exercise regime!

What are the main objectives of Remedial Massage?

The main objectives of Remedial Massage are as follows:

  • To reduce any aches and pains in your body
  • To aid repair of your tissues post injury
  • To reduce muscular tightness, myofascial (muscle covering) adhesions and scar tissue which restrict the normal functioning of your muscles and the range of movement of your joints
  • To help your body cope with any exertion you might want to present it with including the rigours of long working hours
  • To reduce stress, allow your body to feel lighter and more flexible and help you sleep better at night - especially if your pain levels are preventing good sleep
  • Relieve any nerve sensations caused when tight muscles impinge (pinch) the nerves such as pain, pins & needles, excessive heaviness or numbness in the limbs
  • To provide you with specific muscular related information and advice which relates to your current working arrangements, stress levels, accident, injury, illness, disease and/or a multitude of other non sports related activities which may have led you to seek massage treatment in the first place
  • To provide referrals to other highly qualified specialists such as Physiotherapists or Osteopaths where these may be of use

Additional Information in relation to Remedial Massage