North London Clinic in Crouch End

Offering easy access from Muswell Hill, Highgate, Hornsey, Archway, Finsbury Park and surrounding North London areas

Availability at the North London Clinic

Focused Therapy London currently offers Appointments at the Haelan Clinic in Crouch End on the following days:

Tuesdays: 1pm - 8pm
Wednesdays: 4pm - 8pm

Please ensure to read the Ad Hoc Availability page before requesting to schedule a Confirmed Appointment at this Clinic outside of the above hours or on any other days.

Appointments are also currently available at the Central London Clinic on a currently advertised Appointment Availability fixed Clinic day in case this location may also be of interest to you.

Haelan Clinic

The Haelan Clinic is situated directly above the Haelan Centre organic health food shop, but is not accessible through the shop itself. The Clinic entrance is located just past the side of the Haelan Centre shop on Crouch Hall Road, and can be found on the right hand side when you have the distinctive clock tower behind you (shown on the left side of each of these photos). The Clinic entrance can be found at the following address:

Haelan Clinic
41 The Broadway
Crouch End
N8 8DT

Gaining Access to the Haelan Clinic

There is no reception desk at the Haelan Clinic as all of the related staff work within the Haelan Centre shop. Access to the Clinic building can only be gained by sending the required text message a maximum of three minutes in advance of your Appointment Start Time at the current stage of the pandemic. Once your message is received I will reply to it as quickly as I am able to so that you know I am aware you have arrived, and I will come to the front door to let you in to the building in person. This restricted access policy has been put in place at the current time to maintain a Covid-Secure environment and ensure no overcrowding occurs in communal areas of the Clinic.

Please do not try to use the buzz door entry system as it has been fully disabled by the Clinic until further notice and pressing any of the treatment room doorbells will not notify anyone that you have arrived for your Appointment or gain you access in to the building. Please send an email to Focused Therapy London instead should you have any issues gaining access to this building and be unable to send a text message for any reason.

If you arrive in the area early please be aware I will be sterilising and airing the treatment room in advance of your Appointment and will therefore not usually see your text message or be able to come downstairs and let you in early. There is though a local small green area with benches on the main high street where you can wait in advance of your Appointment if you arrive early as well as numerous local shops, cafes and bakeries if needed in the surrounding area.

Haelan Clinic Facilities

Upon gaining access to the Clinic you will be asked to sanitise your hands and log in at the building before going upstairs for your Appointment. At the current time only the bathroom on the top floor is available for use, with the one on the middle floor reserved for the Haelan Centre shop staff only.

The seated waiting area on the top floor is also not currently available to use to prevent overcrowding in the Clinic; and access to filtered drinking water has also been temporarily suspended. Please ensure to bring your own drinking water with you to your Appointment.

The Haelan Clinic is only accessible by stairs, if this is an issue at all please see the below note as four out of the five of the Clinic treatment rooms are located on the second floor of the building and the fifth can be found on the first floor.

Please note: Should climbing stairs be any issue for you, or where relevant your Attendee, please send me a Query in advance of scheduling a Confirmed Set or Confirmed Appointment at the Haelan Clinic. This will allow us to discuss alternative treatment room possibilities that may be able to be arranged or the option of receiving an Appointment in Central London instead, as the Central London Clinic has treatment rooms on the ground floor. Alternatively, if climbing some stairs is possible, Focused Therapy London can enquire in advance with the Haelan Clinic about times it would be possible for an Appointment to be scheduled in their treatment room on the first floor, so lesser stair climbing is required.

Travelling to the Haelan Clinic

For anyone familiar with this area, it will be no surprise that the heart of Crouch End is easiest accessed by bus, foot, bike or car, although there are also numerous London Underground stations and train stations in the surrounding areas. Focused Therapy London hopes the information below about all the different methods of reaching the Haelan Clinic are useful to you in planning your journey:

Bike Access

There are bicycle racks directly outside the Haelan Clinic available for your use.

Bus Access

The following bus services run either directly to Crouch End Broadway itself, or run reasonably close by to the Haelen Clinic so only a short walk is required to reach it.

Local Bus


Crouch End Broadway

Crouch End Broadway / Park Road

Middle Lane

Tottenham Lane

Estimates Walking Time to Clinic from Bus Stop


W5 / W7

2 Minutes


41 / 91

3 Minutes



7 Minutes

Please click on the plus sign below against Further Details of Local Bus Services for details in relation to each of the above bus routes, the recommended bus stop(s) to get off at for the Haelan Clinic itself and the main bus stops for each bus route including those that coincide with large bus stations (Bus), train stations (Rail) and London Underground stations (Tube) for ease of reference.

Car Access

It is usually possible to park in Crouch Hall Road itself (including parking facilities next to the Police Station) and surrounding local streets, or alternatively roads such as Park Road or Crouch Hill and the local surrounding streets. Controlled Parking Zones ('CPZ') operate at different times for each of these areas, so it is always best to check in advance the car parking restrictions that apply, and any parking charges that may be incurred, before attending your Appointment at the Haelan Clinic.

For details of Controlled Parking Zones in Crouch End area, and when each is in force, please refer to the below external website link to Haringey Council's Crouch End CPZ information page: Crouch End CPZ

The closest car park is approximately an 1 minute walk away from the Haelan Clinic and can be found here:
Crouch Hall Road Car Park
Crouch Hall Road
Crouch End
London N8 8HD

London Underground Access

Listed below are the London Underground stations most regularly used by clients to reach the Haelan Clinic and approximate travel times by bus to reach central Crouch End from each for ease of reference. Please refer to the Bus Access list above for alternative London Underground stations that have a direct bus link to the Haelan Clinic and surrounding Crouch End area.

Local Tube


London Underground Lines

Estimated Bus Journey time to Clinic from Station

Finsbury Park Tube Station

15 Minutes

Turnpike Lane

Tube Station

17 Minutes


Tube Station

18 Minutes

Train Access

Listed below are the train stations most regularly used by clients to reach the Haelan Clinic and approximate travel times by bus to reach central Crouch End from each for ease of reference. Please refer to the Bus Access list above for alternative train stations that have a direct bus link to the Haelan Clinic and surrounding Crouch End area.

Local Train


Station Type

Estimated Bus Journey time to Clinic from Station

Crouch Hill Rail Station

London Overground

10 Minutes

Hornsey Rail Station

12 Minutes

Finsbury Park Rail Station

Images of the Haelan Clinic