Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers provided below in bold apply due to the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic and must be taken in to account at the current time in addition to the standard answer detailed further below.

Should you find that you have any queries in relation to the Services provided by Focused Therapy London that are not answered below, or detailed elsewhere on the Website, you are recommended to contact Focused Therapy London via the Query form.

In relation to Appointments with Focused Therapy London

During the pandemic this option is only possible where this person is legally required to accompany the Attending Client, or where translation in to written or spoken English is necessary where the Attending Client only reads or speaks in a foreign language or requires a sign language interpreter.

Focused Therapy London must be notified that the Attending Client will need to be accompanied when attending their Confirmed Appointment at the time the Appointment Booking Request is made under either of these circumstances, so an advanced assessment can be made in relation to potential Covid-19 transmission risks and any potential overcrowding issues within the Clinic environment

Unless there is a valid reason to have someone else be in the same treatment space with you during your Confirmed Appointment, Focused Therapy London does not, without advanced written agreement, permit the person scheduled to receive treatment during any Confirmed Appointment have someone else sit in the treatment room or watch whilst the treatment is provided, with the following exceptions:

Where the Attending Client:

  • is a minor (under 16 years of age) and requires a Parent or Guardian to be present during their Appointment at all times, except or including when undressing/dressing
  • has diminished capacity and requires a Carer to be present during their Appointment at all times, except or including when undressing/dressing
  • is unable to communicate clearly or at all using spoken English language, and therefore requires a suitable English language translator or sign language interpreter to be present during their Appointment at all times, except when undressing/dressing
  • notifies Focused Therapy London in advance that they will have a baby with them during their Appointment, and has a suitable baby carrier (or equivalent) with them to ensure the baby's safety whilst the treatment is being provided
  • was let down by their arranged childcare at short notice and the minor is not old enough to wait in the external Clinic seating area during the Appointment (only one minor will be able to be in the same space during the Appointment under these circumstances)
When someone else is permitted to be in the same treatment space, it is important to note that any noise from electronic devices (even with headphones in where still uncomfortably audible) will be very distracting. Additionally, any distractions created by that individual will likely result in the person being treated during the Appointment receiving a significantly less effective treatment, therefore it is requested that unless reasonable and necessary, the other individual sitting in on any Appointment enjoys the time as an opportunity to sit peacefully and observe, daydream or read a good book when their input is not necessary.
During the pandemic, please ensure to read the latest update to the Covid-19 Policy page, in addition to the below information in relation to this question.

Focused Therapy London will be unable to provide Therapies during an Appointment if the Attending Client is unwell at the beginning of their treatment session, and under such circumstances this Appointment will become a Missed Appointment. Treatment will also be stopped at any point during any Appointment if it becomes clear that the Attending Client is or becomes unwell.

Being unwell relates to short term illnesses and includes, but is not limited to, the first symptoms of and full duration of any significant infection, stomach bug or virus including a Cold Virus or Flu / Influenza Virus.

The reasons for this are twofold:

It is best never to receive any Therapies at the beginning of, as well as the duration of, any significant infection, any bug or virus as any increase in blood circulation during a massage will enable the infection, bug or virus to travel far quicker and further around your circulatory system. This will make you feel much worse, rather than better, and will likely exacerbate your symptoms. During Medical Acupuncture (Dry Needling) if you are run down or unwell the skin and muscles can become much more sensitive to pain, prone to bleeding and the process of having needles inserted can make you feel totally wiped out or more likely to experience a condition called Needle Shock which can result in numerous temporary symptoms including faintness, dizziness, fainting, breaking out in a cold sweat and/or nausea. It is much better instead to go home in the warm, eat well and rest until fully recovered.

Should you come in to either of the Clinics with any infection, bug or virus that is or may be contagious there is a strong likelihood that others at the same Clinic may catch any contagious illness from you and spread it further. Focused Therapy London has a policy not to treat Clients if unwell to ensure not to pass any illnesses on to you and appreciates you doing the same in return. As the Clinic environments are all about promoting health and well-being, Focused Therapy London respectfully request that, as you will be unable to be treated anyway, should you feel unwell you go home to rest instead and get in touch with Focused Therapy London to Cancel or Reschedule your Appointment.

Certain long term medical conditions can also prevent or limit the Attending Client being able to receive specific Therapies where these are contraindicated for treatment. It is recommended that you always seek the advice of your GP or another medical expert in advance of putting in place an Appointment if you have any medical condition that has not as yet been diagnosed, or where once diagnosed there is any doubt as to whether your specific medical condition may prevent or limit you from receiving any of the Therapies Focused Therapy London currently provides.

You are also welcome to send a Query in advance of scheduling a Confirmed Appointment if you are unsure if any musculoskeletal, neurological or neuromuscular condition for which you are considering attended an Appointment is suitable for treatment. Focused Therapy London is not able to treat all such conditions, and may instead be well placed to point you in the direction of a specific medical field or diagnostic area where this is considered the best course of action in your individual circumstances.
When attending any Appointment, you will need to bring the following items and/or individual when you as detailed below (only where relevant):

Items that need to be brought with you specifically due to the pandemic

At the current stage of the pandemic, please ensure to bring the following items with you to the Clinic:

  • Mobile phone: you will need to bring a mobile phone with you to your Appointment so you can text Focused Therapy London upon your arrival at the Clinic. The Clinics have made it necessary for all therapist to greet you in person at the current time, to ensured that all necessary Covid-Secure protocols are followed when entering the Clinic environment
  • Drinking water: the Clinics have stopped providing drinking water to Clients at the current stage of the pandemic
  • Hair band (only where you have medium or long hair): Focused Therapy London usually loans hair bands to Clients when they forget to bring one with them to their Appointments, but is restricted from doing so during the pandemic
Please note: You are currently required to wear a face mask throughout your visit to the Clinic, including during treatment. Focused Therapy London will provide you with a fluid resistant surgical face mask upon your arrival, free of charge, should you forget to bring one with you or require a replacement for the one you are already wearing.

Cash (exact change only) or Proof of Payment (hard copy) of any part of the Full Appointment Cost that has not already been received by Focused Therapy London in advance of the Appointment Start Time

Cash (exact change only) to make payment of any remaining amount of the relevant Full Appointment Cost, as or on behalf of the Appointment Owner, which has not already been received in to Focused Therapy London’s business bank account by the start of the Confirmed Appointment, or sufficient Proof of Payment in hard copy to Focused Therapy London that this remaining amount has already been paid to Focused Therapy London where sufficient Proof of Payment has not already been provided by the Appointment Owner electronically.

Any Documentation that is required to be provided to Focused Therapy London at the start of your Appointment

This can include all of the following where relevant:

  • Supporting Documentation required in relation to any Special Offer: any Supporting Document that is required to be provided to Focused Therapy London, to sufficiently confirm you have the appropriate Eligibility to receive a Special Offer, where this is necessary to be brought with you as requested by Focused Therapy London in writing or is detailed as being necessary to be provided within the relevant Special Offer Terms which have been applied to this Appointment
  • Written Medical Consent in order to be able to receive Treatment: any written Medical Consent required for you to receive treatment which has been provided to you by your GP or other qualified medical expert, should you have a diagnosed or undiagnosed medical condition that cannot be treated without Focused Therapy London having received this Medical Consent at the start of your Appointment, should this not already have been provided this in advance to Focused Therapy London electronically
  • Photographic Identification to confirm you are over 18 (Recommended for anyone under 25 years old): any photographic identification, such as an ID Card or Passport, which clearly shows your date of birth and a clear photograph of your face to prove you are 18 years of age or older where this is in any doubt due to your youthful appearance, should you not be accompanied by your Parent or Legal Guardian when attending your first Appointment with Focused Therapy London

Accompanying individual where one is required to attend your Appointment with you

The Attending Client will need to be accompanied throughout their Appointment by the following individual, and Focused Therapy London already have been advised that this will be necessary at the time the Confirmed Appointment is scheduled, should any of the following circumstances apply:

  • Parent or Legal Guardian: where the Attending Client is either under 16 years of age, or is between 16 and 18 years of age and written consent has not already been provided to Focused Therapy London in person from the Attending Client’s Parent or Legal Guardian to receive treatment unaccompanied and this has been agreed to in writing by Focused Therapy London; or
  • Registered or Family/Friend Carer: where the Attending Client has any legitimate need to be accompanied to their Appointment due to any illness, frailty, disability or other health reason; or
  • English Language Translator or Sign Language Interpreter: where the Attending Client is unable to read, understand and/or communicate clearly in written or spoken English language
Focused Therapy London always seek to ensure that you, as the Attending Client, get as much treatment time on the therapy couch as possible during any Appointment, but please be aware that the Appointment length does not just cover the time you will receive Therapies, but also includes any and all of the following, as may be relevant:

  • undressing and dressing time
  • answering any queries you may have or discussing any matter you may choose to discuss when not on the treatment couch
  • any delay on your part at the beginning of the Appointment that slows the start of you receiving treatment, such as requesting or needing to make payment for your Appointment or visiting the bathroom
  • during your Introductory Appointment, an initial consultation where your details, your medical history and details of the condition you have chosen to receive treatment for are recorded
  • during follow on Appointments, an update where you let Focused Therapy London know how things are different since your last Appointment, any changes in your medical health, medications or any test results you may have received, and details of any new condition for which you are now seeking treatment are recorded
  • the filling out of any consent forms which may need to be completed in advance of specific Therapies being provided, body areas being worked on or therapy techniques being received or medical update forms
  • provision of any home care advice that may be suitable for your condition where wanted
  • any time required to discuss, and where necessary for Focused Therapy London to look up details of any medical condition you are experiencing to ensure you are suitable to receive your chosen Therapies and ensure that they are not medically inadvisable, where you have not already checked with Focused Therapy London or sought GP or other medical expert Medical Consent in relation to your medical condition where it may be contraindicated, in advance of your Appointment
During all massage treatments, Focused Therapy London usually use fractionated coconut oil as it has one of the least allergenic properties of all of the massage oils available on the market, is scentless and good for moisturising the skin without leaving excessive residue after use. It is also one of the easiest oils to wipe off and therefore reduces the risk of leaving any temporary oil marks on clothing.

On occasions, Focused Therapy London may use another oil instead, but if this is the case you will be asked to ensure you are happy with this choice and to confirm you do not have any allergic response to any of the ingredients first.

Focused Therapy London does not tend to use scented oils or candles during Appointments as some Clients are prone to scent related Migraines. Should strong scents be an issue for you, please note it cannot be guaranteed that any previous therapist using the same or surrounding treatments rooms, will not have or currently be using used scented oils, scented candles or other scent related products. Additionally Moxa, which is most commonly used as part of Acupuncture treatments, is often used within the Clinic environments and can be quite pungent. The use of Moxa, which is made from aromatic Mugwort plants, often raises a few eyebrows as it smells similar to marijuana when burned.

If you prefer for no oil to be used during your treatment, please let Focused Therapy London know at the start of you Appointment, before getting on the treatment couch, as varied forms of massage techniques can be undertaken directly on the skin with no oil applied, or through a towel or clothing and still result in satisfying levels of soft tissue release.
Whilst receiving massage based Therapies it is best to either wear lower body underwear only or go naked on the treatment couch. A suitable sized towel is always provided to keep you warm and your modesty will be respected in all cases with careful towel placement.

During massage treatments, it is possible to undertake nearly all base of spine massage through a towel. Focused Therapy London tends to undertake the majority of gluteal (buttock) massage release through a towel, and where required can also do the same in the hip area. If you want massage in to the pelvic crease or upper thigh area though, it is best to remove underwear or ensure that the underwear you are wearing does not restrict access to these areas.

During Medical Acupuncture (Dry Needling) treatments, lower body underwear is often best removed or will need to be adjusted significantly if having needles inserted in to the lower back, base of spine, gluteal (buttock) area, hips or upper thighs to avoid any potential for the underwear pushing against the needles or restricting available locations for needling.

If for any reason you are uncomfortable or unwilling to remove clothing other than lower body underwear during a treatment, please let Focused Therapy London know at the beginning of your Appointment and any therapy techniques used will be adapted around your preferences. Under such circumstance, any clothing you wish to keep on during your Appointment should be loose and ideally made of a natural fabric such as cotton or linen. For obvious reasons needle based treatments may not be possible to provided, depending on which body areas you choose to remain clothed during your Appointment, where direct and clear access to the skin is required using this treatment modality.
At the present time, my current Qualifications do not qualify or permit me to diagnose any musculoskeletal condition or any other type of medical condition, and instead purely focus on the treatment of musculoskeletal and some neurological and neuromuscular conditions.

Only individuals who are qualified Diagnosticians are able to diagnose any condition you may be experiencing. For the diagnosis of most medical conditions, you should see a doctor, who may then additionally need to refer your on to a specialist within in a specific medical field.

If you are seeking a diagnosis for any purely musculoskeletal condition, one that relates only to soft tissues: muscles, bones, cartilage, ligaments, spinal discs, myofascia etc, this can usually be arranged either via your General Practitioner (GP), or this process can be speed up by gaining a diagnosis from a privately practicing Physiotherapist, Osteopath or other relevant diagnostic practitioner if preferred.
Unfortunately, Focused Therapy London has felt the need to make this advanced payment necessary due to previous Appointment Owners, mostly but not exclusively New Clients to Focused Therapy London, scheduling a Confirmed Appointment and then it not being attended, with no notification provide that it needed to be Cancelled or Rescheduled or response received when its Appointment Owner is requested to arrange payment for this Missed Appointment.

Many of my Clients are surprised that this occurs, but sadly it has on enough occasions that it is no longer considered a worthwhile risk not to charge an Appointment Deposit for the first Confirmed Appointment scheduled by any new Appointment Owner.

On this basis, all Clients, including Current Clients who have only previously been scheduled to receive any Confirmed Appointment(s) as an Attendee, who have not made payment to Focused Therapy London previously as an Appointment Owner are now required to pay a minimal Appointment Deposit in advance one a one off basis to cover the standard Treatment Room Cost that Focused Therapy London is charged by the relevant Clinic should any Confirmed Appointment not be Cancelled or Rescheduled in accordance with the Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy section of the Terms of Service.

The remaining Appointment Balance, where the Appointment Owner has chosen not to pay the Full Appointment Cost as their Appointment Deposit, is then due to be received by Focused Therapy London by no later than the start of this Confirmed Appointment.

Any Appointment Deposit received by Focused Therapy London is fully refundable to the Appointment Owner, or able to be held as Credit by Focused Therapy London for the Appointment Owner’s future Appointment Booking use if preferred, where ultimately no Confirmed Appointment is put in place, or where any Confirmed Appointment that is scheduled is successfully Cancelled or Rescheduled (and then later Cancelled) without incurring any Late Notification Cost as detailed within the Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy.

In relation to the Clinics

During the pandemic, any seated communal areas in the Clinics are not usually available for use. This change has been made by the Clinics to maintain a Covid-Secure environment and to ensure no overcrowding occurs in any communal area. Please ensure to read the latest update to the Covid-19 Policy page, or refer to the relevant Appointment Confirmation Email, to find out details of how and when you will be able to enter the relevant Clinic when arriving for your Appointment at the current time as these have been changed by the Clinics from the methods that were standard practice prior to the pandemic.

Both the Central London Clinic and the North London Clinic have a seating area where you can sit to wait for your Appointment, and details of each of their facilities can be found at these linked pages.

The seating areas in both clinics are usually also available to sit in for a brief while directly after your Appointment, should you wish to do so, unless it is an exceptionally busy day. As most Appointments tend to start and end on the hour or at half past the hour, more seated space tends to be available in between these times.

If you have someone with you who will not be attending your actual Appointment, it is highly recommended that they visit one of the local cafes or coffee shops in the surrounding area to the relevant clinic during your Appointment time, rather than wait for you in the Clinic's seating area before 7pm in the evening. After 7pm it is not possible for anyone to come in to either of the Clinic building with you, unless they will be attending your Appointment with you as detailed above under Can you bring someone else in to the Appointment with you? for security reasons.
Should you have any problems finding the relevant Clinic, in the first instance please refer to either the relevant Central London Clinic or North London Clinic Website pages, as each list the full address, an interactive map of where the relevant Clinic is located, as well as details of how each Clinic can be found.

During the pandemic, should you receive no reply from the relevant Clinic at the phone numbers detailed below shortly in advance of your Appointment Start Time, you are recommended to send a text message to my mobile phone number instead. This mobile phone number will already have been provided to text Focused Therapy London on when you arrival at the Clinic. Any text message sent by you will be replied to as soon as it is possible for me to do so outside of providing Appointments and undertaking any necessary sterilisation protocols to the treatment room.

Central London Clinic: London Natural Health Centre ('LNHC')

If you are still having problems finding this Clinic, please call the LNHC receptionists on +44 (0)20 7242 6665 before 7pm on weekdays and they will do their best to help you find your way.

After 7pm you can text me on the mobile number that will have been provided when scheduling the Confirmed Appointment, and which is always detailed within the footer of any Appointment Confirmation Emails, and I will come back to you as soon as my Appointment schedule permits. Please be aware I may not be able to assist you until your Appointment Start Time or shortly after it as I may be treating another Client directly before you, running a little over schedule or be in the process of setting up the treatment room in advance of your Appointment.

North London Clinic: Haelan Clinic

This Clinic is directly opposite the Crouch End Clock Tower, in the heart of Crouch End’s main shopping area. If you cannot see this Clock Tower building, please ask anyone who appears to be a local or familiar with the area to point you in its direction, as it is very well known building. Upon arrival at the Clock Tower, you will be able to find the Haelan Centre Organic Health Food Shop directly across from it and the Haelan Clinic is above this shop. The Clinic has a separate entrance door to the shop, which can be found approximately 2 meters past the left side of the Haelan Centre shop front, at the start of Crouch Hall Road.

If you are still having problems finding this Clinic, you try calling the Haelan Centre on +44 (0)208 340 1518, or alternatively if you find the Haelan Centre shop but have difficulties location the Clinic entrance, you can ask the Haelan Centre staff on the first floor of the shop who are additionally involved with the running of this Clinic.

Alternatively you can text me on the mobile number that will have been provided when scheduling the Confirmed Appointment, and which is always detailed within the footer of any Appointment Confirmation Emails, and I will come back to you as soon as my Appointment schedule permits. Please be aware I may not be able to assist you until your Appointment Start Time or shortly after it as I may be treating another Client directly before you, running a little over schedule or be in the process of setting up the treatment room in advance of your Appointment.

In relation to Refunds and Receipts available from Focused Therapy London

If you are looking to claim money back through your private healthcare company for any Confirmed Appointment, you will need to check directly with this company to see if they will allow your chosen therapy under your specific private healthcare insurance policy. Each company sets its own rules in relation to what is reclaimable and for which therapies.

It is always possible for Focused Therapy London to provide you with a receipt after your Appointment, for whichever of the Therapies treatments you have received, should you require one. Please note if you request a receipt for a Missed Appointment, then the fact it was a Missed Appointment will need to be detailed on your receipt.

In order to receive a receipt, all you need to do is ensure your Appointment date has already passed and that the Appointment has been paid for in full, and then send Focused Therapy London a Query requesting a receipt and providing the Appointment date of the relevant Appointment. Focused Therapy London will then look up all the Appointment details, prepare a receipt of payment accordingly and email it to you.

Each receipt prepared will state the following:

  • your name
  • your Appointment date
  • which of the Therapies you received during your Appointment
  • the Appointment length
  • the relevant cost of your Appointment and confirmation that this cost has been paid in full
  • my name as the therapist who provided your Appointment
  • details of my relevant Qualifications and Training
  • details of my professional association
  • Focused Therapy London’s contact details in case your private healthcare company has any queries or requires any additional information from me

Please be aware that after you request a receipt Focused Therapy London will need to prepare it and email it to you. During particularly busy weeks, or should a receipt be requested during Focused Therapy London’s currently listed Holiday and Away Days as detailed on the Home page, a delay in any requested receipt being prepared and provided by email will occur before Focused Therapy London is able to arrange for a receipt to be sent to you.
Focused Therapy London will contact you in writing to make you aware of any refund due to you if for any reason you may not already be aware one is due. Unless you ask Focused Therapy London to hold any refund due to you as Credit your future use, as payment and/or part-payment of any future Confirmed Appointment you plan to be the Appointment Owner of in future, any refund will be paid from Focused Therapy London’s business bank account unless otherwise agreed between us in writing.

Focused Therapy London will only be able to process any refund due to you where you provide UK bank account details, and must receive the following details from you in writing in relation to which bank account you nominate any refund be paid to:

  • the Bank Account Holders Name or Business Company Name (as relevant); and
  • the Bank Account Sort Code; and
  • the Bank Account Number

Any failure on your part to provide accurate bank account details for the processing of any refund due to you from Focused Therapy London, may result in any refund payment being processed to the wrong bank account. Where this occurs due to any incorrect bank account details being provided by you, you will be responsible for this error and the refund shall be considered already refunded to you by Focused Therapy London. Please therefore always ensure to check that all bank account details you provide for Focused Therapy London to pay your refund to are for a UK bank account and that all the bank account details are provided accurately.

In relation to Focused Therapy London's Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy

Please always send Focused Therapy London a Cancel / Reschedule Appointment Notification as soon as possible if you, or where relevant your Attendee, become aware that a Confirmed Appointment will not be able to be attended as currently scheduled, even if its relevant Cancellation / Rescheduling Notification Period has already passed.

Depending on when a Cancel / Reschedule Appointment Notification is received after the Confirmed Appointment’s Cancellation / Rescheduling Notification Period deadline, it may still be possible for the Appointment Owner of the Confirmed Appointment to only need to make payment of that Confirmed Appointment’s relevant Treatment Room Cost, rather than the Full Appointment Cost, to Focused Therapy London in order to Cancel or Reschedule the relevant Confirmed Appointment.

The sending of a Cancel / Reschedule Appointment Notification should additionally always be provided as a courtesy to Focused Therapy London to free up the relevant Appointment slot in its current schedule and will prevent you, and/or where relevant your Attendee, being contacted by Focused Therapy London shortly after the Appointment Start Time to see if the Attending Client is delayed in reaching the relevant Clinic or will not be attending their Confirmed Appointment.

A summary of the Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy showing when any Confirmed Appointment need to be Cancelled or Rescheduled to ensure the Appointment Owner does not incur any Late Notification Cost can be found at the following link for ease of reference should you, or where relevant your Attendee, need to Cancel or Reschedule any Confirmed Appointment: Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy Summary.
Please ensure to read the current Covid-19 Policy page, in addition to the guidance found in the following accordions above, as one or more of these will likely apply where you become unwell in advance of attending any Confirmed Appointment:

  • Can you receive Therapies if you are unwell?
  • What happens if you need to Cancel or Reschedule a Confirmed Appointment after it’s Cancellation / Rescheduling Notification Period has already passed?

Other useful information in relation to Focused Therapy London

Please find details of all relevant information you may require below:

Insurance Company : Holistic Insurance Services
Whose external website can be found at the following link:

Professional Association : Complimentary Therapists Association (CThA)
Whose external website can be found at the following link:

Professional Profile and Qualifications : Embody Health Listing
This website shows my professional profile and includes confirmation of the therapies I am professionally qualified in and insured to provide for your peace of mind. My t/a Focused Therapy London™ professional profile can be found on their external website at the following link:

Specific information in relation to my current therapist qualifications and continued professional development (CPD) training to date can be found at the following link: Qualifications and Training