Cookies Policy

Last Updated 24 December 2023

This Cookies Policy applies to the website: ('Website').

Focused Therapy London uses website cookies ('cookies') when visitors access and use the Website.

Cookies are small text files that are stored by the browser of your electronic device ('device') on its hard drive when it visits a website. The information that is stored may be returned to either the website's servers, or to the servers of a third party, on each subsequent website visit.

Further details can be found below in relation to the different types of cookies used by this Website and what each one is preset to do.

Updates to this Cookies Policy

Focused Therapy London reserves the right to modify this Cookies Policy at any time it is discover that there are any amendments that need to be made to it.

Where any substantial or material amendments are manually made, rather than automatically made by the Cookiebot plugin, Focused Therapy London will ensure this Website page maintains the Last Updated date this Cookies Policy was last amended, with the change log provided below additionally detail the changes that occurred on this date. Please check back regularly to ensure that you are informed of your current agreement.

Focused Therapy London uses the Cookiebot plugin ('Cookiebot') to automatically scan for all current cookies used on the Website once every calendar month. Only once any automatic scan has occurred will any change of cookies since the previous scan undertaken, be automatically updated by Cookiebot to both the Cookie Declaration shown below and the Cookiebot Consent Popup used on the Website. Once this automatic scan has been completed, Focused Therapy London will promptly ensure all new cookies added to the Website have been accurately categorised and that any relevant manual amendments that need to be made to the Cookie Declaration, associated Cookie Consent Popup and/or any relevant changes to the Privacy Policy are made where needed.

Where any new cookies are added to the Website between each automatic monthly scan undertaken by Cookiebot, you will only find provisional details in relation to them listed under the Cookies used by this Website section below until such time as the next automatic scan has been completed. These details are always added in this section to ensure you remain informed of all cookies currently active on the Website, even where they have not as yet been updated to the Cookie Declaration and the Cookiebot Consent Popup displayed by this Website.

Cookie Declaration

Cookies used by this Website

Shown in the Cookie Declaration above are a list of the cookies that are used by this Website and their relevant privacy policies. These are split into individual categories based on their nature and also provide a brief description of the type of task each cookie performs.

Where no cookie direct consent has as yet been agreed to from your device when visiting the Website, or where any previously cookie agreed consent has been withdrawn, expires after a period of one year or has been cleared in your browser, only necessary cookies will be being used until such time as any additional cookie direct consent is made.

Necessary Cookies

Necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation, generating a personalised Cookie Declaration and access to secure areas of the Website. The Website cannot function properly without these cookies.

Provider: Cookiebot

Cookiebot is listed as a necessary cookie due to the task it performs in ensuring you are fully notified of the Website's use of cookies, any data that is collected and shared with third parties, and to ensure that any online tracking is compliant with both the UK and EU General Data Protection Act (together 'GDPR') and the ePrivacy Directive ('ePR').

The Cookibot plugin is set to ensure that only necessary cookies are implemented until such time as direct consent to use any opt in cookies has been received from your device. Its automatic monthly scan frequency and the date each automatic scan is scheduled to occur on, are also all automatically set by Cookiebot. Focused Therapy London has no control over any temporary technical issues Cookiebot may experience which could delay either its automatic scan occurring and/or its automatic updating of the Cookie Declaration and Cookiebot Consent Popup used on the Website.

Preferences Cookies

Preference cookies enable a website to remember information that changes the way a website behaves, looks or any choices that have been made in relation to these matters. Examples include choices in relation to your preferred language or the region that you are in, as well as performing an action to indicate that you have been made aware of certain information which has been displayed, so it not displayed again for a set time period.

Provider: Popup Maker (manually added to the Cookies Declaration)

Any Popup Maker plugin cookies have currently been added manually to Cookies Declaration above by Focused Therapy London.

Any Popup Maker cookies currently used on this Website are used only to set a temporarily time delay before re-displaying the same Popup Maker popup to a repeat visitors to the Website. These are anonymous cookies which are used to make the visitors experience more pleasant when visiting the Website, whilst while still delivering time-sensitive messaging in a popup format.

Popup Maker uses cookies for all popups which are set by Focused Therapy London to be re-displayed after a specified time period. The primary function is to prevent visitors from being annoyed by seeing the same popup repeatedly when visiting the Website where this is not considered essential. This may result in cookies being saved for an extended period of time, and will depend on the expiry length set by Focused Therapy London for each of individual popup cookie.

Please see the Cookies Declaration above for details of when any current cookie associated with the Popup Maker plugin is currently set to expire after, as any time periods that are displayed against cookies with name commencing 'pum-' will always be manually listed by Focused Therapy London for each individual cookie currently in use, to notify you of the relevant time period each individual cookie is set to expire after, where any are currently in use on the Website.

Focused Therapy London is only made aware of how many times each individual popup is opened, and does not receive any other analytics based information from Popup Maker at the current time. The open rate for each individual popup is provided on an anonymous basis and is shown only as a number.

Data Storage
Popup Maker does not send the personal data details of any of this Website's visitors outside of Focused Therapy London's Website by default.

Cookies used by the Popup Maker plugin are categorised as Preference Cookies and have accordingly been manually added to the Cookiebot Cookies Declaration on this basis. The reason for this is that they are considered functional or functionality cookies under GDPR and the ePR, and as such require direct consent to be activated.

It is hoped that Cookiebot will be able to find and add the relevant privacy policy in relation to cookies used by the Popup Maker plugin and displayed this in the Cookies Declaration, but should this information ultimately not be available to be added, please see the following information in relation to the Popup Maker Plugin: Use of Popup Maker and GDPR Data Privacy Requirements which clearly states 'Other than the feature described in the prior section [which relates to Subscription Forms this Website does not use], the Popup Maker plugin and it's extensions do not collect or store the personal data of site visitors'.

Statistics Cookies

Statistic cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously.

Provider: Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is being used to implement Google Analytics on the Website. Google Analytics 4 has been specifically chosen by Focused Therapy London because it automatically anonymises your device's Internet Protocol address ('IP address') by default and ensures IP masking has occured before information is received by Google Analytics. Implementation of IP anonymisation is considered one of the key measures towards achieving GDPR-compliance.

Google Analytics 4 has only been set by Focused Therapy London to collect standard internet log information and behaviour patterns when visiting the Website. It is used to find out the number of visitors to the Website, number of revisits from the same device, which webpages where visited and how long visitors remained on the Website. It also provides very basic non directly identifiable information in relation to each Website visitor, such as which city or generalised geographic location each visitor viewed the Website from and the website browser type that was used to do so.

International Transfers
Google Analytics does not at the current time use any servers within the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland or the UK and therefore International Transfers of data apply. Under GDPR, Focused Therapy London is required to meet certain conditions before transferring personal data to third parties located in countries that are not governed by GDPR laws. To comply with this requirement, Google relies on Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) for relevant data transfers of online advertising and measurement personal data out of the EEA, the UK or Switzerland - for further details, see Google's Analytics: Data Privacy and Security > Safeguarding your Data

Data Retention
Where you agree to the use of Statistics Cookies, retention of user-level data, including conversions, is currently set to be retained for for 14 months from the date of your device's last visit to the Website, after which period it is automatically deleted. Google Analytics also deletes some user-keyed data after a period of 2 months on an automatic basis - for further details, see Google Analytics: Data Retention

Marketing Cookies

Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across websites. The intention is to display ads that are relevant and engaging for the individual user and thereby more valuable for publishers and third party advertisers.

No marketing cookies are being used on the Website at the current time.

Unclassified Cookies

Unclassified cookies are cookies which are in the process of being classifying by Cookiebot.

Where Cookiebot undertakes an automatic scan and is unable to automatically classify a cookie it will show up in the Cookie Declaration above and on the Cookiebot Consent Popup as an Unclassified Cookie. Where any Unclassified Cookie is listed by Cookiebot under these circumstances, Focused Therapy London will endeavour to get this cookie correctly classified under the appropriate cookie category as soon as possible, both within the Cookie Declaration shown above and within the Cookiebot Consent Popup which is used on the Website.

Personalised details within the Cookie Declaration

Within the Cookie Declaration above you will find listed your device's currently approved cookie settings.

This cookie information is automatically generated by Cookiebot and only relate to the device you are currently viewing this webpage from ('your device'). These personalised details include the following in relation to your device:

  • Your current state - your device's current cookie setting status
  • Your Consent ID - an anonymised ID allocated to your device by Cookiebot
  • Consent date - the date cookie consent was last received from your device when visiting the Website

Under these details you will find a click options to either Change your consent or Withdraw your consent should you wish to do so.

Unless you contact Focused Therapy London providing Your Consent ID and Consent Date, Focused Therapy London will not be aware these details relate to you or any other individual who may use your device, nor which (if any) Consent ID or Consent Date relates to any electronic device you own or have access to.

All cookie permissions are automated on Focused Therapy London's behalf by Cookiebot, and should any Consents Log of Cookiebot users be sent to Focused Therapy London, no individual's name is listed as a user as the information instead refers to your device. Both both your device and your device's IP address are automatically listed in an anonymised format in these circumstances to protect your privacy.

Browser settings that can affect cookies

It is possible to significantly alter settings in relation to cookies on all visited websites by making updates within most website browsers. The changes you can make via your browser include, but are not limited to, deleting - blocking - allowing all - clearing all cookies. It is also possible to use a private browser or virtual private network ('VPN') to visit websites so no history of your visit is recorded.

Blocking or choosing not to accept certain cookies

Please be aware of the following information should you choose to block or not accept the following cookies types:

Necessary Cookies

Please be aware that where Necessary Cookies are blocked by your browser or similar more technical knowledge bases methods, the Website will not perform in the way intended.

One example that will occur when Necessary Cookies are blocked, will most likely result in the Website's Cookie Consent Popup not activating and the Cookie Declaration section within this Cookies Policy will show an empty box rather than detailing the Website's cookie information, as both of these automated functions require the use of Necessary Cookies to perform correctly.

Preferences Cookies

Please be aware that where Preference Cookies are blocked by your browser or similar more technical knowledge bases methods or should you choose not to accept these cookies from your device, any Popup set by Focused Therapy London specifically to to keep you informed of certain details when you visit the Website will not be shown.

As an example, should Focused Therapy London set a Popup specifically to draw your attention to significant changes having been to one of its policies having occurred since your device last visited the Website, such as its Privacy Policy, these will not display. On this basis, it is especially important to always check the Last Updated date shown at the top of any policy based notice provided on the Website to ensure no details have changed since your device last visited this Website.

Contacting Focused Therapy London in relation to cookie consent

Should you wish to contact Focused Therapy London in relation to your device's current or previously provided cookies consent status, you will need to contact the Data Controller as detailed in the section below.

You can send either a general cookies query or alternatively must ensure to provide both Your Consent ID and your Consent date, as well clear instructions of what it is you are requesting be done in relating to your device's cookie consent status, to ensure Focused Therapy London has the necessary information to provide you with the assistance you require.

Data Controller details

All requests and communications relating to data protection must be addressed to: Jacky Sayers

Any electronic communications must be emailed to:

Any postal communication must be sent to: Jacky Sayers, Data Controller, Focused Therapy London, Christchurch Hall Surgery, 20 Edison Road, Crouch End, London, N8 8AE, United Kingdom. Where this occurs, an email must additionally sent to the above email address within a maximum of 24 hours of the time this postal communication was sent, so Focused Therapy London is made aware that this communication is due to be picked up from this Clinic; and, to ensure it is read and responded to in a timely manner.

Third party website links

To see the privacy policy that relates to any of the cookies which are currently listed in the Cookiebot Consent Popup, please see the links published under the relevant Provider name listed within the Cookies Declaration.

Focused Therapy London does not have any responsibility or control in relation to the privacy policy for any of the cookies used on this Website or any policy changes which may occur in relation to them. These links are automatically provided by Cookiebot for your ease of reference should you wish to refer to them.