By using the Query form below, you are able to request that any query you may have in relation to the Services Focused Therapy London provides is replied to by either email, text message, WhatsApp or via a pre-scheduled phone call.

If you were considering getting in touch to see what Appointment slots Focused Therapy London currently has available to provide an Appointment at either of the Clinics, please see the Upcoming Appointment Availability section on the Appointment Booking Request form page instead, as this information has already been provided there for your ease of reference.

The below form should instead only be used to enquire about any other question you may have in relation to the Services detailed as provided on this Website, such as:

  • to ask whether a specific condition may be suitable for treatment by Focused Therapy London; or
  • to ask a question in relation to any currently available Special Offer listed on the Website; or
  • to ask any other Client based query you may have in relation to the Services Focused Therapy London provides

Information relating to Focused Therapy London

If you are looking for any specific information, you may find that it has already been detailed on this Website, along with answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions Focused Therapy London receives. For your ease of reference, numerous links have been added in the accordion below which will take you to specific pages on the Website that may provide all of the information you require.

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What happens next

Focused Therapy London will either provide you will a personalised reply to your query via your preferred method, or where you have chosen to discuss your query over the phone, will instead send you an email confirming details of when you can expect to receive your requested phone call for your advanced awareness.

Standard Contact Times

Please be aware any Query will usually only be responded to during the following Standard Contact Times:

Clinic Work Days

Mondays / Tuesdays / Thursdays / Fridays: * 11am - 8pm (around Appointments)

NHS Work Day

Wednesdays: * 2:30 - 3:30pm & 6:30 - 8pm only

The only circumstances where Focused Therapy London will usually provide a personalised reply outside of the above Standard Contact Times, later on the same evening or where relevant at some point over the weekend, will be where it is easy and convenient for Focused Therapy London to answer the relevant query promptly; or, under any circumstances where Focused Therapy London did not have sufficient time and/or capacity to reply any earlier on the day that it was received within Standard Contact Times and a same day reply is considered appropriate or necessary.