Contact Details & Preferences

Please use Contact Details & Preferences form below should you either wish to update, or notify for the first time, Focused Therapy London in relation to any of the following information:

  • which standard communications and/or notifications you currently wish to receive from Focused Therapy London
  • which communication methods are acceptable to you when Focused Therapy London contacts you, where more options are available than just receiving any communications and/or notifications via email
  • to provide your most up to date Contact Details, especially where these have changed from the ones that were previously provided to Focused Therapy London by either you or another individual on your behalf

You are always recommended to give your permission for Focused Therapy London to contact you via either text message or WhatsApp in relation to a Same Day Appointment in the form below. This is recommended just in case any short notice notification needs to be sent to you by Focused Therapy London which you may not read if sent via email whilst you are already on your way to your Appointment, such as a request to ring a different treatment room doorbell upon your arrival at the Clinic; or, to notify you of any disruptive event currently occurring in the vicinity of the Clinic, in the hope that this prior awareness may help prevent you from arriving late for your Appointment.

Contact Details & Preferences form

What happens next

Unless Focused Therapy London gets in touch to request any clarification, please consider your submission of the above form all that is required to update your Contact Details and Preferences as requested.

Focused Therapy London will add and/or update all of your Contact Details and/or Preferences as per the details you have provided, and ensure all such additions and updates occur within a maximum of seven days from the time that your Contact Details & Preferences form was received. Focused Therapy London apologises in advance should you receive any incorrectly addressed or newly discontinued communications or notifications during any update period, and where these circumstances occur, they should resolve promptly once all of the updated details you have provided have been added, removed and/or updated in all sections of Focused Therapy London's electronic and hard copy records relating to you, as well as any pertinent email distribution lists.