Appointment Booking Request

It is always recommended that you use the Appointment Booking Request form below to contact Focused Therapy London when you are ready to schedule a Confirmed Appointment. This form can be used to request an Appointment on either a fixed Clinic day; or, on any day that is specifically listed on the Ad Hoc Availability page at the current time.

Where possible please request to schedule a Confirmed Appointment more than 48 hours in advance, especially where any Appointment Deposit is required to be received in advance, and additionally provide numerous Appointment Start Times the Appointment can be attended, as there are currently less Appointment slots available than prior to the pandemic due to 30 minute gaps having been implemented between all Appointments for enhanced sterilisation protocols and medical grade air filtration to be undertaken within the relevant treatment room.

Current busy days at the Clinics

For your advanced awareness, Wednesdays at the North London Clinic are currently very busy each week, due to numerous Clients scheduling in reoccurring weekly Appointments on this day. At present, the only Appointment slot consistently available on this day is for a 1 Hour Appointment at 5:30pm, although another Appointment slot will be available should any of these Clients decide to skip a week in the run up to Christmas.

Additionally, the period leading up to Christmas is usually one of Focused Therapy London's busiest times for providing Appointments each year, so you are recommended to book early if wanting an Appointment from the 7th December onwards. Please see the Latest Availability section on the Home page, for details of when Focused Therapy London currently plans to be closed over the Christmas and New Year period.

Booking Information accuracy and reliability

Please ensure that all Booking Information provided is accurate and able to be relied upon, as a 24 hour Booking Information Reliability Period applies from the time any Appointment Booking Request is received by Focused Therapy London, as detailed within the Appointment Booking section of the Terms of Service.

On this basis, should you want or need to Cancel or request to Reschedule any Requested Appointment, whilst any relevant Booking Information Reliability Periods continue to apply in relation to it, please ensure to do so in accordance with the Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy Summary.

Appointment Booking Request form

If you do not have a mobile phone, please list a UK landline number you can be contacted on instead.
Please be aware, you are able to request an Appointment Date which will occur within the next four weeks.

What happens next

Focused Therapy London always seeks to provide a personalised response to any Appointment Booking Request, whether this is to send an Appointment Confirmation Email; provide alternate Appointment availability for consideration where unable to schedule any Requested Appointment based on the Booking Information that has been provided; or, to provide business bank account details for the payment of any required Appointment Deposit, as soon as it is possible to do so within the Standard Contact Times detailed below.

You will additionally be sent an interim notification, to keep you updated on the progress of your Appointment Booking Request, where the only delay in scheduling your Requested Appointment as a Confirmed Appointment is either due to Focused Therapy London awaiting necessary feedback from the relevant Clinic; or, to notify you that payment of any required Appointment Deposit has not as yet been received from the Appointment Owner, where you are their designated Attendee.

Standard Contact Times

Focused Therapy London has the following Standard Contact Times:

Monday to Friday: 11am - 7pm
Saturday: 12pm - 6pm

Where an Appointment Booking Request is received by Focused Therapy London within the above Standard Contact Times, it will usually be read and start being processed on the same day. As such the Booker can usually expect to receive a personalised response in relation to it on the same day except in exceptional circumstances, sometimes late in to the evening especially on busy Clinic days; and, an Appointment Confirmation Email where their Requested Appointment is able to be scheduled as initially requested within a maximum of 24 hours of the time the Appointment Booking Request was received by Focused Therapy London, except where either the Appointment Owner and/or where relevant their designated Attendee have confirmed an Extension to the Booking Information Reliability Period is acceptable where notified by Focused Therapy London there will be a delay in confirming the Requested Appointment as a Confirmed Appointment; or, there is any significant delay in Focused Therapy London receiving prompt payment of any required Appointment Deposit payment where one is required to be paid by the Appointment Owner.

Where an Appointment Booking Request is received by Focused Therapy London outside of the above Standard Contact Times, it may only be read and start being processed from the commencement of the next relevant Standard Contact Times period. As such a proportionate time delay may occur before the Booker can expect to receive a personalised response in relation to their Requested Appointment. Focused Therapy London may additionally provide an initial personalised response at some point over the weekend if an Appointment Booking Request is received after 6pm on a Saturday, as Focused Therapy London sometimes checks messages sporadically later over the weekend, but please be aware an Appointment Confirmation Email in these circumstances will often not be able to be provided until the following Monday afternoon where Clinic staff are unavailable to confirm any necessary arrangements over the remaining weekend period in these circumstances.