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The below reviews have very kindly been provided by some of my Clients specifically for public viewing purposes, to give you an idea of how each of the below individuals have found receiving treatment from me and the resulting benefits to their well-being.

If you have attended an Appointment with me at any time, and would like to share your experiences for public viewing purposes, you are able to do so using the Review form.

All of the below reviews reflect the personal experiences of the individual Client and should not be taken as a guarantee of treatment outcome in all cases.

Some of the below reviews additionally use terms relating to diagnosis in a generalised manner when referring to my assessment of soft tissue restrictions or dysfunction, or decision on which mode of therapy will produce the best treatment results during any given Appointment. Please be aware that I am not qualified as a Diagnostician and am therefore unable to provide you with a diagnosis as part of your treatment.

Focused Therapy London
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 by Olivia R.

One week after my first massage treatment, the pain I was experiencing in my sacrum was relieved, with only a little bit of tenderness remaining in the mornings which I ease with tiger balm to warm up the area. The sciatica I was experiencing has almost entirely disappeared, as has the tenderness in my left thigh where I tore a muscle around 20 years ago...

And finally, my knee is far better, too. I've listened to Jacky and started reinforcing my "left side" with exercises and trying to engage it as much as possible...I can feel this has already had a direct and positive effect on my knee. So far, I don't think I will need to see the physio Jacky also recommended, if for any reason my issues did not significantly improve after the treatment she provided.

In brief, Jacky's massage and advice were really effective and I thank her sincerely. I now plan to carry on with my stretching and pilates sessions... but will also contact Jacky in the future if I need her expertise again!

 by James S.

I’ve been coming to Jacky now for only 5 weeks (once a week) I’ve had serious nerve pain and muscle tightness for years which some days I wasn’t able to walk and honestly was putting such stress on my life.

However in the last 5 weeks of seeing Jacky my pain has literally left my body I think Jacky is one of the most knowledgeable and professional therapist out there she is caring and always looking to help and recover you.

Jacky thanks to you I’ve had a smile on my face for the last 7 days.

 by Akerke M.

I found Jacky at the best possible time. I had a lot of stiffness in my back, shoulders and neck, and really needed some help with it. I felt that Jacky was so so thoughtful and I felt very safe during the massage and before as well. I like how Jacky does care about covid safety and also unique features of each client as she does ask lots of questions about health, any injuries and all throughout the session she checks to see if you're feeling good.

Jacky helped me so much to relieve the tensions and pain after only a couple of sessions. She is very gentle yet gets to the root of the problem every time. I'm so happy that I can attend massages with Jacky so nearby to my place as it truly has been such a gift to find such a great specialist.

 by Noa B.

Jacky is exceptionally talented. I have experienced chronic headaches for most of my life and have tried many different treatments without success. Jacky's extensive knowledge and skill have really helped to provide some relief by relaxing muscles in my shoulders, neck, chest and jaw. She can read your muscles better than anyone I've come across, and is constantly training in additional approaches to find fresh ways to help.

Some of Jacky's suggestions over the years have stuck with me and enable me to make changes to help myself between sessions as well. Above all, it is Jacky's genuine care for her clients that I most appreciate. It means you feel she is truly working with you to tackle a problem.

 by Gary L.

I have been a keen cyclist for many years and rode to a fairly high standard, my training intensity was not met with the necessary stretching to prevent gradual progressive muscular stiffness and the eventual cause of significant back pain, nerve impingement, sciatica and periodic mobility impairment. Previous visits to physiotherapists between 2012 and 2016 for deep tissue/sports massage alleviated some of the stiffness and symptoms, however, they quickly returned after exercise or simple office based work; the sitting position shortening key muscles causing the discomfort. Long bike rides were pretty much out of the question due to the pain and mobility issues that immediately followed.

A coincidental change of therapist brought me to Jacky, and what a blessing she has been. Initially, I continued with deep tissue massage, Jacky's superb technique and amazing ability to focus into the areas needing attention meant relief of the stiffness and symptoms were greater and longer lasting. However, Jacky wasn't satisfied that she'd got to the bottom of my issues and suggested there may be underlying nerve related issues.

After having disc degeneration confirmed by MRI and a particularly chronic bout of stiffness, where I could bend forward only 20° without significant back pain and could only slowly climb stairs, I visited Jacky again. She suggested we try deep needle therapy, this sounds a little extreme but is largely painless, much less painful than deep tissue massage, and has been a revelation. I hobbled in for the first session as described above and got off the treatment table being able to easily touch my toes with mobility greatly restored, the effects lasting a good while longer than with massage and have never gone back to the previous chronic state. I can best describe the therapy as hitting the reset switch for my muscles; the guarding muscle stiffness is released in a way massage never came close to.

I have continued with a combination of needling and massage, primarily needling, with Jacky and the results get progressively better as my muscle memory of the previous 'stiff as steel' state is eroded. I am now periodically back on my bike for long rides when time allows and have recently taken up running, something I wouldn't have dared try before the focused therapy Jacky has provided. I have recommended Jacky and would do so again as, whether your problems are as chronic as mine were and whether you need massage or other treatment, Jacky is very client focused and finds the right method and technique to deal with and solve your particular problems. She is also a continued scholar of her art developing her knowledge further for her clients benefit.

 by Mark D.

I am an Ultra-distance runner and as I've pushed my body to go further and faster, I'm lucky enough to have had Jacky to pick up the pieces.

Jacky has an incredible ability to read my body and, be it though massage or needling, restore the spring in my step and prevent stresses, aches and niggles from exploding into injuries.

Jacky's treatments have been instrumental in my development as an athlete. I can not recommend her highly enough.

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