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The below reviews have very kindly been provided by some of my Clients specifically for public viewing purposes, to give you an idea of how each of the below individuals have found receiving treatment from me and the resulting benefits to their well-being.

If you have attended an Appointment with me at any time, and would like to share your experiences for public viewing purposes, you are able to do so using the Review form.

All of the below reviews reflect the personal experiences of the individual Client and should not be taken as a guarantee of treatment outcome in all cases.

Some of the below reviews additionally use terms relating to diagnosis in a generalised manner when referring to my assessment of soft tissue restriction, damage and/or dysfunction, or decision as to which mode of therapy will produce the best treatment results during any given Appointment. Please be aware that I am not qualified as a Diagnostician and am therefore unable to provide you with a diagnosis as part of your treatment.

Focused Therapy London
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 by Kim P.

I'm a picky client, have been receiving body work by esteemed practitioners around the world for decades. Writing this review is easy. To me, Jacky is beyond compare.

Coming into Jacky's hands is an experience of its own. Jacky does more than giving massage. Her hands are in conversation with your body, listening, tuning in, following invitations and hidden messages you're not even aware of yourself.

Every session is a little rebirth of its own. Whoever you are, count yourself lucky to find your way to Jacky!

 by Naomi F.

Jacky is quite simply fantastic. I came to her with post-surgical chronic pain and she was extremely diligent in considering how best to treat me, including conducting significant additional research into my particular surgery. She always goes above and beyond for me, including looking into alternative additional things I can try to improve my external scar. Jacky is extremely meticulous, responsive, friendly and organised. I am very grateful to have found her, thank you Jacky!

 by <strong>Zainab F.</strong>

Finding Jacky Sayers changed my life in many ways. If you are reading this and unsure or have found many therapist options, then look no further as you will be in GREAT capable hands.

My particular situation was that I needed scar massages to breakdown scar tissue from an unfortunate incident which left a distinct laceration on my face (under my eyebrow). I was so worried about the scarring process and what I’d be left with so I immediately began searching for therapists to help me. After a few enquiries, I was lucky enough to come across Focused Therapy London and was able to explain to them what had happened to me through an initial consultation. Jacky Sayers immediately advised me of my options and we began scheduling my weekly appointments. 6 months later, my scar tissue has significantly reduced (practically gone) and the services provided by Jacky has helped me in my healing journey physically and mentally.

Not only is Jacky extremely knowledgeable and passionate in her field, she is also a kind yet caring person who puts the needs of her clients before anything. I’ve come to the end of my scar massages with Jacky and she has truly changed my life and given me a chance at healing in the best possible way. I’ll never forget nor be able to repay Jacky for her incredible work. I highly recommend Focused Therapy London for any scar concerns no matter where they are on your body and severity of the scar. Thank you Jacky!

 by <strong>Bianca M. - Professional Actress and Dancer in Season 2 of Musical TV Series Schmigadoon!</strong>

Jacky Sayers is an absolute magician! As a professional dancer, I have extremely high standards for whom I receive treatment from to maintain healthy physicality and prevent/recover from injury. I feel incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with Jacky. Her extensive knowledge of the body and deep passion for her work stands out like no other.

When she works it is almost as if the body is transparent and she can see directly through to the source of the issue. If you are seeking clarity and productive healing/maintenance, I am confident you will find stunning results with her. Thank you Jacky for your thoughtful, brilliant work!!!

 by <strong>Olivia R.</strong>

One week after my first massage treatment, the pain I was experiencing in my sacrum was relieved, with only a little bit of tenderness remaining in the mornings which I ease with tiger balm to warm up the area. The sciatica I was experiencing has almost entirely disappeared, as has the tenderness in my left thigh where I tore a muscle around 20 years ago...

And finally, my knee is far better, too. I've listened to Jacky and started reinforcing my "left side" with exercises and trying to engage it as much as possible...I can feel this has already had a direct and positive effect on my knee. So far, I don't think I will need to see the physio Jacky also recommended, if for any reason my issues did not significantly improve after the treatment she provided.

In brief, Jacky's massage and advice were really effective and I thank her sincerely. I now plan to carry on with my stretching and pilates sessions... but will also contact Jacky in the future if I need her expertise again!

 by <strong>James S.</strong>

I’ve been coming to Jacky now for only 5 weeks (once a week) I’ve had serious nerve pain and muscle tightness for years which some days I wasn’t able to walk and honestly was putting such stress on my life.

However in the last 5 weeks of seeing Jacky my pain has literally left my body I think Jacky is one of the most knowledgeable and professional therapist out there she is caring and always looking to help and recover you.

Jacky thanks to you I’ve had a smile on my face for the last 7 days.

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