Jacky Sayers

Sports & Remedial Masseuse / Western Medical Acupuncturist

Hello, my name is Jacky Sayers, and since originally qualifying in Sports Massage and Swedish Massage, my interest in the vast world of body well-being and pain relief therapies has inspired me undertake extensive continued professional development training courses in my determination to really understand and relieve the symptoms of the many and varied conditions that cause my Clients to visit me.

Jacky Sayers

I am passionate about easing my Clients out of discomfort and pain, and seek to relieve or resolve the numerous conditions that can be created by muscular tightness and restriction in the body, traumatic injuries or scar tissue which occurs after injury or surgery, as well as nerve disease, nerve damage and compression. I seek to understand and relieve these regardless of whether the problems have occurred due to sporting pursuits, working conditions, long term incorrect postural habits, stress, accident, injury, disease, chronic medical conditions, certain neurological and neuromuscular disorders, surgical procedures or changes in the body due to pregnancy.

Incorporating a broad combination of Therapies, including Medical Acupuncture (Dry Needling) when wanted, each Appointment I provide is specifically tailored to suit each Client’s individual circumstances and needs at any given point in time. This is especially the case when providing targeted relief treatments for Clients who have very specific issues; or, those with more complex conditions.

When time permits, I also provide home care advice as part of any Appointment, which can include:

  • an understanding of how your body works and what puts it under duress
  • stretches, strengthening advice and improved posture recommendations
  • recommendations of other qualified specialists whose specific areas of expertise may prove beneficial to aid in your treatment, such as Physiotherapists or Osteopaths
  • a multitude of other information that may benefit each individual Client specifically in relation to any condition or concern that prompted them to seek treatment

Jacky Sayers' background as a Therapist

My adventure into the world of being a Therapeutic Massage Therapist began when I started studying body work in 2009, qualifying initially in Holistic (Swedish) Massage in 2010, followed by Sports Massage in 2011.

By the summer of 2012 I had become a full time Sports Masseuse, working through a reputable London Sports Massage company that specialised in providing a booking service for high calibre self employed Sports Massage Therapists.

During my time with this company I rose up through the ranks to become a Senior Therapist via a combination of extensive experience treating individuals with a variety of different conditions and requirements; exceptional client reviews; and, completion of the company’s enhanced in-house Sports Massage training. I additionally assisting with both the training and mentoring of both the new and more established therapists within the company's team, as well as provided some training workshop assistance at Camexpo: the UK’s leading complementary healthcare exhibition.

After five years working as part of a primarily Sports Massage based team, I decided it was time to expand my horizons and set up my own business. This progression has allowed me to focus on perfecting my own method of combining numerous different types of therapy techniques together to treat a far broader range of conditions. I now regularly provide Medical Acupuncture, incorporate Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage and offer specialised treatments for specific conditions as detailed on the Targeted Relief section on the Home page during Appointments, in addition to more standard massage therapies, where doing so will provide more benefits to my Clients.

With a view to both my Clients well-being, as well as my own desire to continually add to my body work knowledge, I have significantly expanded my therapy studies and plan to add Kinesiology (KT) Taping; Cupping Therapy; Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture; Microsystems Auricular Acupuncture; and, Electroacupuncture to my list of therapies available to Clients at some point in the not too distant future, and thereafter undertake further therapy studies in the long-term future.

Jacky Sayers' background prior to working as a Therapist

My background prior to becoming a full time therapist was in part based in the London corporate world, primarily undertaking Legal Assistant and Executive Assistant roles within various in-house law departments. These jobs spanned a period of approximately 10 years. Prior to that time, I also worked in the Hatton Garden jewellery trade handling precious metals and gems, and on occasions helping to smelt gold.

I originally moved up to London from the south coast of England, after studying general Art and Design, to train in Theatrical Costume Construction at the London College of Fashion. To this day I am still able to make an authentic looking, well fitted, 18th century outfit from scratch should the need ever arise! I am also a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist, although I studied this subject more out of personal interest, rather than with a view of pursuing it as a career.

It was only on training as a Sports Masseuse that I realised body work was my true calling. Since that time every new therapy technique and skill I have learned has only further confirmed my profession is the perfect fit for me. I shall likely continue to train in numerous different nuances of body therapy and healthcare until retirement, if I ever truly retire, as the scope of what is possible; and, which of the many therapy techniques will produce the best results for each individual Client, is truly vast and endlessly fascinating to me.